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Joel Katz is the founder of HyPerform Group,  leading FinTech recruiters,  and has over 30 years of consultative sales experience in Technology Sales and Financial Markets.

He began his career in management consulting at Reebie Associates as an expert in freight transportation and was the original developer of Transearch, the first database of freight traffic flows in the US.  From there, he moved into sales of technology to Banking and Financial Markets.  Joel was one of the original Sales Executives at Bridge Information Systems and was responsible for Bridge’s initial and successful Enterprise level sales to leading investment banks, money managers, hedge funds, and large trading floors.

Joel also has significant experience in Enterprise Software Sales and Sales Management roles.  He was the Product Manager and sales lead for Bridge’s research product, which was started to compete with First Call. At Track Data, he sold a significant market data feed application to Citibank’s national ATM network and national home banking system and was responsible for closing over $5 million of annual sales at large accounts, such as Merrill Lynch, Bankers Trust, Salomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, et al.  He positioned Relegence to replace the incumbent vendor at Fidelity’s investment management division for over 500 users.

Joel started Hyperform Group, to utilize his extensive knowledge and contacts in Technology and Financial Markets to become one of the top FinTech Recruiting Firms.  With a large network of contacts, Joel’s background focuses on delivering top talent for: Technology Sales Teams;  Technologists; Financial Markets; and innovative technologies.

Joel has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Columbia University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union (Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu).  He is an avid golfer, amateur acoustic guitarist, and spinning fanatic.